Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sample 2.0

Here's another small sample from The Book. Cheers!


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Friday, February 10, 2012

East West North and South: Poems

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"I wrote and published this set of ninety-nine poems for the sole purpose of hopefully inspiring young writers towards a less concrete style of both poetry and prose, less trivial, away from the dogmas of everyday beauty and suffering, and most of all away from trivial meaning. 

If at any point you find yourself overwhelmed by the seemingly meaningless verses, just set the book aside for a while and come back to it, whenever you feel like writing about how 'the cold burns just like fire', and you'll find your mind wandering in search for new sense between the crowded ideas. 

The ninety-nine poems in this book are the essential guide to imagination. Because there is no implied purpose or structure to them, you are free to imagine, free to interpret them however you like. In fact, it is absolutely imperative that you do." 

David Natan – Sweden - January 2012

As of now the book is available on the web-site. Click the link below to see a Preview of the first 12 pages.